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Aftermarket Performance Intercoolers

The Client

SmartDeals Inc. is a Florida based corporation retailing a wide variety of products including children's bedding, poker products, skin care and hair care products with eBay being their main sales channel. SmartDeals had used Resource International's services in the past to source products for their business and saw an opportunity to enter the aftermarket automotive channel on eBay, but had no previous knowledge of the industry or supply chains. Smart Deals contacted Resource International for assistance.

The Project

Resource International did preliminary research to understand the target products that SmartDeals wanted to have sourced. With quality being a very important aspect in the aftermarket automotive industry, we knew that it was important to filter out factories without certain government regulated certifications. Market research revealed a national demand for aftermarket automotive intercoolers, which were in limited supply and with overwhelming manufacturing costs. The intercooler is a very technical product with a precise understanding of fluid dynamics in order to maintain a delicate balance of cooling capacity and air flow. After presenting our findings, Smart Deals was eager to move forward with purchasing intercoolers.

The Solution

An initial trial order was placed in order to test the market for intercoolers. Within a month of receiving their trial order, SmartDeals had sold the entire order with great yield. Since then, with our help, SmartDeals has expanded further into the aftermarket automotive industry conquering leading competitors with advantages of price and quality. They are continuing to develop new products with our company and are able to stay ahead of the market. SmartDeals has increased their total revenue in 2005 by 25%.