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Branded Promotional Products

The Client

Misikko is an e-tailer of luxury health, beauty, and personal care items. The products Misikko sells are brand name products that cannot be sourced. Misikko had never sourced any goods and was not familiar with the procedures involved in importing goods.

The Project

Misikko sees new customers to its online store every day, but it struggled with maintaining repeat business. The company contacted Resource International to help develop a free gift with purchase that would be given to every customer during the holiday season. Misikko believed that giving a free gift with the Misikko brand on it would help customers remember the name and Web address of the company, thus potentially increasing repeat business.

The Solution

Resource International researched the idea and came up with the perfect gift. A reusable cosmetics bag with the Misikko brand on it would keep the Misikko name brand top of mind to customers and promote future orders. The bag contained a promotional card, a scented candle, reminder notes, and more, all of which were branded with the Misikko logo. Misikko requested that RI also handle the design and artwork for this project. RI handled the entire project, including design, sourcing, production, and logistics, and all within a budget of $2.00 per bag. Since the release of the promotional bag, Misikko has realized an astonishing 50% increase in repeat customers.