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The Client

Milsco Homebuyers is an eBay business based in Pompano Beach, Florida, which specializes strictly in eBay marketing and sales. Over the past several years they have established a reputable business which has helped them build a loyal customer base. By selling only on eBay, their product line is not restricted. They sell an array of items ranging from outdoor furniture to exercise equipment, putting no restrictions on a specific target consumer.

The Problem

eBay sales are driven by customer feedback and low price. Without a solid feedback rating, eBay businesses are constantly in danger of losing sales, or even worse, having their accounts shut down. Milsco Homebuyers spent its first year of business building their feedback and developing great customer relations. This positive feedback was based on their good customer service, high-quality merchandise, and low prices.

Soon after their start, Milsco began to run into problems. All of their production was being done overseas. The Milsco purchasing department would spend countless hours throughout the night talking and negotiating with factories across the globe. After hours of negotiation, a deal would be struck. Then Milsco would have to wait a month for the production of their goods followed by another month in shipping time. They were spending months upon months working on one shipment only to find out that when the goods arrived to them, they were either not what was ordered or were of very poor quality. As a small U.S. based business, Milsco had no means of recourse and no negotiating power with the foreign factories.

The Solution

Milsco Homebuyers contacted Resource International (RI) for help. They wanted to eliminate the hassle of negotiating with factories and being deceived with empty promises of excellent quality goods. They also wanted a presence at the factory so that their products could be inspected before production was complete, thus maintaining a high level of quality for their customers.

After partnering with Resource International, RI immediately took over all aspects of overseas purchasing for Milsco. With the aid of their offices overseas, RI began by negotiating the best possible price for the goods. Once a price was agreed upon, RI would draw up sales contracts that included all quality-control points to be met before the order would leave the factory. RI then made on-site factory visits before production was complete to inspect the quality of the merchandise. If the quality was not sufficient, all goods that did not pass the quality-control inspection would have to be remade. RI would then follow up with another visit to insure that all the problems were fixed.

Since partnering with RI, Milsco has seen its quality-control issues disappear. They have also not needed to spend valuable time dealing with purchasing, thus allowing them to focus more of their efforts on product research and development and customer service. They have doubled the number of products they sell since joining with RI, and a strong partnership continues to date.