Doing Business Abroad: Importing at a Glance

Importing goods from other countries is a challenging venture that many smaller North American companies have not attempted to tackle. Resource International (RI) can undertake this challenge for its clients, because we have the required expertise, experience, and resources. It is essential to understand, however, some of the general obstacles that must be overcome before a business can move its production overseas.

Manufacturing and importing goods from other countries takes time. The manufacturing process is intricate and lengthy, normally requiring anywhere from a week to several months, depending on the size of the order and the type of goods being produced. It is important to understand that when sourcing goods, you are now partnering with the manu-facturer. The ordering process does not happen overnight and usually requires substantial lead time from the date of order to receipt of the shipment. Patience and planning are a necessity. RI can assist with ordering and strategizing according to your business needs.

Doing business abroad requires a tremendous knowledge of international trade as well as the resources to accompany that knowledge. RI will take the worry off your shoulders and plant it neatly onto ours. With patience and planning, your business can be successful in manufacturing and importing its own goods.