Get Optimized

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the techniques used to get your web list to list high on the major search engines. Meaning, if you type the keyword lighting in Yahoo, the first site that is listed on the first page is Corday Lighting. The traffic that this draws to Corday Lighting is imaginable. Did you know that Corday Lighting pays absolutely nothing to Yahoo to list first? Their listing is a strict result of how their web site was designed.

SEO is a very complicated process. The major search engines take many, many factors into account as they determine where each web site will list. Things such as key word relevance, inbound links, outgoing links, hierarchy of keywords, etc. all determine how your site will list.

We have been very successful in getting our clients to list extremely well. We have been able to help them increase revenue at a fraction of the cost per click. As a direct result, their monthly sales volumes have skyrocketed.

Let us get you on the first page!