How we can help your Ebay business

Our greatest success has been aiding eBay merchants in expanding their product lines while reducing their production costs and inversely, increasing their margins. We work hand in hand with eBay owners in a wide variety of fields. We have successfully helped clients develop products from their own blue prints, reproduce current product lines, or start a new privately labeled line to create and promote a personalized brand name.

Every business owner knows the ins and outs of their market, and in most cases, owners know what items will sell. Sometimes, these ideas have never been produced, leaving a whole in the market. Most owners do not have the resources to fill these holes. Resource Intl. has successfully helped clients introduce brand new products, from their specification, into the market. This not only fills a whole in the market, but gives the client complete control over the new product line.

Other eBay owners currently purchase their merchandise through local distributors in the U.S. The problem with this strategy is that in most cases, the local distributors are purchasing the goods directly from overseas, at a fraction of the cost. The question we propose is, why use a middle man when you can do it yourself. Allow us to match your product line with a factory already producing the same goods. This way, you will directly be purchasing from the manufacturer and cutting out the middle man. We guarantee this result in big savings.

Some eBay owners only sell branded products. This gives them the assurance of standing behind a brand name. We believe that eBay businesses should not limit themselves to selling brand name products, but instead, supplement those lines with a privately labeled line of their own. You can produce the same quality merchandise for significantly reduced costs. This gives customers the choice of purchasing an expensive brand name product, or a very similar, but less expensive, product of yours. In one simple step, you have now doubled your market share.

We are sure we can help your eBay business and would love to discuss more opportunities with you. It would be a quick conversation to understand your product line, and then we would provide a free product estimate. Please visit our case studies page to read more about how we have helped other eBay clients, and contact us immediately to find out how Resource Intl can take your eBay business to the next level.