Inventor's Corner

Most inventors are limited by the scope of their own personal knowledge and contacts. A great idea can only go as far as the available resources will allow. That allowance has just gotten exponentially larger. With our global networks we can provide access to all of the resources necessary to turn your idea into a physical reality. We employ a team of designers and have access to engineering minds all over the world that will help you design, patent, and manufacture your idea.

Every great product comes from an idea. When you bring your ideas to us, we will present you with confidentiality agreements to insure the security of your idea. Our goal is to build a long lasting partnership to help you develop your idea and find the best manufacturing facility to produce your product.

The advantage we present is that you will not have to explore these opportunities and pay top dollar by doing it in North America. Contract labor of this sort in North America can cost upwards of $150 an hour. The advantages of inventing overseas are not only limited to saving money. Your ideas will not be shared with the North American community, meaning that the security of your idea will be protected by not having to share it with other North American competitors and manufacturers.

We are open to listening to all ideas. Please contact us to learn how we can help you bring your ideas to reality.