A Letter from the President

Relationships - whether they are business, friendship or spiritual are built on trust, respect and honor. When dealing with my company you can expect all of these qualities. I started this company because of an illegitimate business deal involving a factory deceptively stealing money from me. I kept repeating to myself, "there must be an easier way to do this." Resource International is a very important and useful tool that any company interested in doing business overseas can use. I have made the mistakes that you should not have to make. Most importantly, your company deals solely with mine. We make outsourcing a hassle free process so you can focus your time on your own business growth and development. I consider every client a partnership and do whatever it takes to earn the trust and respect needed for a long and healthy business relationship. I also understand that many companies are hesitant to spend money initially with service based organizations. Our company offers all clients six hours of non-billed time, giving our organizations a chance to meet and discuss project goals. There is a tremendous amount of work involved in sourcing, ordering, shipping and receiving goods from overseas. Not only can we save you this trouble but we can also save you money. I am determined to give every client guaranteed satisfaction with the solutions we offer and look forward to showing your organization a positive return on your investment.

Michael Sullivan
Chief Executive Officer
Resource Intl., Inc.